About The BMT/SCT Club

In 2010, we started the BMT/SCT Club as a Facebook page to share our stories and personal experiences with patients, survivors, families and caregivers relating to bone marrow transplants, stem cell transplants and cord blood transplants.  Our Facebook page has been instrumental in the lives of many individuals who needed to know  they were not alone in their journey.  The founder is a stem cell transplant survivor who fought Hodgkin’s Lymphoma twince and who personally understands the importance of support and encouragement during this process and life after the journey. We are also advocates of bone marrow and stem cell donor awareness and welcome the heroes who donate their bone marrow and stem cells. We initially started as a Facebook club and now have expanded to a website and forum.

The founder received a successful stem cell transplant thanks to her donor sister in 2006. She is a two time Lymphoma survivor, advocate, mentor and graphic designer.

NOTE:  For medical advice, please seek a medical expert.  Our site is for informational and support purposes only.

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