BMT/SCT Club Checklist

List of recommended items to bring with you during your bone marrow or stem cell transplant hospital stay and other suggestions

  • Bring a list of drugs you take for your own records and for the hospital files
  • Bring a list of medicines you are allergic to (very important)
  • Keep a list of family and friend’s phone numbers
  • Bring a notepad and pen to write notes and names of doctors, nurses, PCAs, etc.
  • Consider a calling card (most hospitals only allow you to dial within their area code)
  • Alternatively, check with your hospital if cell phones are allowed
  • Bring a laptop — it’s a great to keep in touch and/or watch movies
  • Bring light reading material like magazines to help pass the time
  • Bring your favorite movies – subscribe to Netflix where you can watch movies on your computer (most hospitals should have wifi connection)
  • Bring your iPod, iPad or a CD player – music is therapy to the soul
  • Bring games or cards – to help pass the time
  • Bring hobby/craft stuff – to help pass the time
  • Bring reminders of home – to keep you going strong (pictures, bible, etc.)
  • Bring a warm blanket and fluffy pillow
  • Bring your own pajamas, robe, socks and slippers
  • Bring walking shoes as walking may be assigned to you by your doctor
  • For women, pack cotton low v-neck shirts or buttoned shirts (for easy port or Hickman access)
  • Pack warm sweats (hospitals tend to get cold)
  • Pack sleeping caps or comfortable knit caps & hats
  • Bring plastic bags to store your laundry so your caregiver can take it home to wash
  • Bring anti-bacterial wipes (to clean phones, counters, door knobs, etc.)
  • Bring sugar free candy to lessen the taste of the heparin shots


  • Go ahead, have your room decorated with reminders of home (it makes for a supportive environment)
  • WALK as per your doctor’s recommendation (exercising is very important to the health of your lungs).
  • Keep your medical team informed when you need pain relievers or when you have any side effects even if you think it’s minor. Any side effect during an SCT needs to be mentioned to your medical team so that they can help you. Be a team player!
  • Try to keep visitors to a minimum and only essential visitors. Keep anyone with a cold away from you during your transplant to prevent infections and suchALWAYS seek the advice of medical experts and have your caregiver take notes
  • Allow yourself to get some rest. This is a tough journey and sleep helps
  • Designate a friend or family to be your advocate to help you through your appointments, etc.
  • Get to know the hospital’s social worker/advocate
  • Never be afraid to ask questions.
  • Consider a Healthcare Power of Attorney and Living Will (check
  • If applicable, apply for disability benefits prior to your SCT. If rejected, appeal or contact an attorney
  • Get a disability placard for your car

NOTE: For medical advice, seek a medical expert. This list is comprised by BMT/SCT survivors and are recommended items only.  It is not all-inclusive.

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